It seems the Wicked Witch really didn't like the Lollipop Guild song...


head switch  3 skeletons 


BODY: Use a 3 foot sized skeleton. Replace head with human sized plastic skull.


clothes 1  clothes 2  clothes 3


sew clothes


CLOTHES:  Tops were hand sewn and distressed. Hot glue white fabric for colars. Pants were from kid sized pants.


clothes 4  socks


STOCKINGS: Use long socks, paint with wet black and white paints. Let dry. Cut holes to distress.


hair  head hair detail


HAIR: cut pieces of wig hair and hot glue in place. Use gloves to smear silicon into hair to form pieces. Let dry in sun for several days.


lolly1  lolly2


LOLLIPOPS: Pool noodle made with multi small pieces (like a column). Tear the pieces apart. Wrap into a spiral. Use tooth picks hot glue to hold together. Paint with colorful stripes. Let dry. Spray with glue, sprinkle with glitter. Let dry. Insert dowel rod for stick.


shackles1  shackles2  shackles3


SHACKLES: Made from pool noodle cut into pieces. 1/4 inch dowel rod cut and sharpened with a pencil sharpener. All spray painted black. Let dry. Highlight with some orange paint.


shackles4  shackles5


Looks like they got a little hungry...