dead_hunter_propYou Will Need:
Store-bought Halloween or Christmas Dancing figure
Costume or old clothes to re-dress the figure as desired
Various decorative props (such as jewelry, feathers, beads, swords, ext)
Craft paints
Hollow, plastic skeleton bones
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Wig to fit the theme of your re-madecharacter

Store-bought Halloween or Christmas dancing figures can be totally re-decorated into something more original than the out-of-the-box state it comes in.

Tear or cut an opening in the characters sleeves at the side, leaving the wrists and shoulder areas alone. Take a hollow, plastic arm bone and slit open along one side. Slide this bone over the figure's wire inner arm structure. Leave the fabric hanging around the bone. This can also be done for the legs, though you might need to keep it mostly hidden by the clothing. Be careful of any wires or important components of the prop that allow it to move when turned on.

Rub some dark, craft paint over the face and hands to make them stand out more. Wipe away the excess, leaving the paint in the cracks. Add any other colors to give your figure a lively (or deathly...) appearance.

Redress the figure or add to the clothes it already has. Add a new Halloween wig and accessorize with as many props as needed to really make the character your own design.

Test the character to make sure it can still move freely and everything stays in place. Now your hacked prop can dance and sing proudly, decked out in style!

Hacked Pirate AFTER




Version 2: Hacked Dead Hunter