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Our little monsters are growing up so fast! So much has happened in the past five years since we became a family. Great things. Fun things. Scary things. We have struggled and learned. But one things is always true. The Halloween spirit and our love for the unknown remains true. Our beautiful children talk about ghosts as though they have always been at home with them. They take to playing monsters as though they were once great cinema actors reborn to play them again. This year we really wanted to build at least a small Halloween set to take some photos. Mom and Dad still are working to get thier energy back up to the task and there have been set-backs... but we got some great photos and the kids had fun.


The Mitchell Family wishes everyone a great Halloween and a spooky good year to come! Have fun. Eat some candy. Howl at the moon. Hold tight to those you love! CLICK A POSTER TO OPEN LARGER:

ClassicMonster costume Bride ClassicMonster costume Mummy ClassicMonster costume Wolfboy

Photo Gallery - 2019

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