dolls_completeYou Will Need:
Old dolls (search for old dolls the kids have out grown, or from flea markets, Salvation Army, and garage sales)
Craft paint (white, gray, black, brown, yellow, or colors of your own ghoulish choices)
Paint Brush or Rags or Cosmetic Sponges
Small amount of water

Turn old, ordinary dolls into creepy, nightmarish dolls to fill out your graveyard or haunted setting. Don't use any dolls you will will want to save as a collectible. Look for cheap, free or well-used dolls no will ever want to play with or keep. Every doll if different and your hack-job will vary. Our sample dolls don't have real hair so we painted the entire plastic head with black, craft paint. Paint any other plastic parts as well. Let dry. Next, use a brush, rag or cosmetic sponge to add a layer of pure white, craft paint. Let dry. Leave some of the black showing in the crevices and dents of the doll form. Use other colors sparingly to add extra creepy details. Blue tints will add a distinctive deathly pallor. Yellow will give a sickly appearance. You can paint cracks, vampire marks, spooky eyes (try solid white with a single black dot in the middle).

Matted doll hair, sticking out in all directions is great the way it is... but you can also smear some paint in it, rug some dirt in. Let your imagination have some distructive fun. It's not like you can ruin it. Just keep adding to the mess and evenually you'll get something ready for the graveyard.

Clothes can be done the same way.

unpainted_dolls dolls_painted