sign05_outsideWhen we first created The Mitchell Cemetery, we made our own version of one the Haunted Mansion signs. We created a pattern, added our own text and cut out a thin piece of wood to the pattern size.

First, paint the entire wooden sign black either with spray paint or craft paint. Let dry.

Before cutting the pattern details, cover the entire surface with clear shipping tape. This will help to strengthen the pattern and protect it from moisture of the paint. We pre-cut the pattern details out with an Xacto knife. Once this is done, Attach the pattern with clothes pins or tape. Using white, craft paint and a cosmetic sponge or paint brush, dab the paint into all the cut out areas. This method gives a rough, stamped apprearance to the end piece. Let dry completely. We painted the same design on both sides, but you may not need this, depending on how your sign will be displayed.

Use several coats of clear varnish, following the varnish instructions. Let dry.

You can hang or attach the sign any way you wish. We drilled two holes at the top and attached two pieces of black chain. From here we built a t-stand and allowed the sign to hang suspended from the arm.

sign05_back sign05_patterninplace
sign05_finished Download Sign Pattern HERE