How to Haunt Your House Halloween Craft Fun:

Scary Projects the Whole Family Can Make

Weekend Craft Projects Cover 72dpi glowHauntProjectsNEW FOR 2023! Are you ready for some Halloween crafting together with your family? Want to learn to make your own party decorations and Halloween tree ornaments, transform a room into a spooky hangout, and more? Would you like to turn your home into a delightful space to give your kids a fun and spirited Halloween? Then this book is for you!

The creators of the well-known and popular website and the prolific authors of Halloween decorating books, the Mitchell family presents 11 delightfully scary Halloween decorating projects that will involve the whole family, including kids ages eight and up. There are craft projects of paper, wood, crepe paper, cheesecloth, and beads. If you can wield a utility knife, a dab of glue, and a paintbrush, there is something for you here. These projects store well and can be used to decorate for many Halloweens to come!


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 Best of How to Haunt Your House, Vol 1 & 2

V1 Best of Haunt Your House Vol1 Cover 72dpiV2 Best of Haunt Your House Vol2 Cover 72dpiBackAndReadytoHaunt

The Mitchell family is back in a big way this summer! We have partnered with the book publisher, Schiffer to produce two hardback volume collections, Best of How to Haunt Your House. Each book is packed with new and classic projects, inspiration, and the history of home haunting with the Mitchell's. We are very excited to see both books in brick and mortar stores as well as online retailers.  Volume One and Volume Two now available. Let the summer home haunt projects begin!



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Get Spooked!


If you are looking to raise the coffin lid a little higher this Halloween, check out the original How to Haunt Your House, book series. Each one is filled with spooky projects and tips to help turn your home into the best haunted house on the block. You can also check out how the Mitchell's decorate their own home and yard.