candlegroup3You Will Need:
PVC pipe cut to size and painted (or spray painted) white (to hide any outer markings)
Round-cut Styrofoam that will fit snug inside PVC pipe (cut space for tea-light to sit inside)
battery operated tea-light
white thread
glue gun and lots of glue sticks
wax paper
clear plastic scraps
candle holder (optional)
Lazy Susan (optional)


Project Time: 1 hour (more or less depending on how big your candle is and how much detail you want it to have)

Candles do not have to sit on a candle holder. They can be made to sit on a flat surface. These won't have the long drip strands, but could have dried puddles of "wax" around the bottom edge. A variety of candle sizes and shapes look great in groupings, as shown here.

The videos below are speeded up to show one hour in half the time.



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