GraveyardSpooks scene WEB

This year’s Halloween stay-at-home theme was “Graveyard Spooks”. The Mitchell’s made a small graveyard, added in a few new handmade tombstones, created some costumes for dad and the kids (mom was the director of film and photos).  Dad played, the gravedigger, who meets three mischievous ghosts trying to hitch a ride to the nearest Halloween party. This year’s idea was to really explore glow-in-the-dark costumes and props. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sally, threw those plans right out the window and the Mitchell’s had to take down the set early. They still got a lot of photos, some video, and a bit of how-to info before the storm hit. In the end, they had some spooky fun and the kids experienced their very first hurricane! Though, dealing with the storm aftermath proved less fun… as they also experienced one week of no power and three weeks of NO INTERNET!


Costume Construction (click to see larger posters)

FlowerGirl mini LilSlugger mini sailorboy mini Gravedigger mini


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